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21 Blackjack Game
A winning combination in the game of blackjack - is the most important and significant part of the game. Collected or received the necessary combination of 21 points, the player automatically wins the money, what is the purpose of the game. Although collected 21 points - there is no guarantee of winning, because the exact same combination of both the player can collect the dealer. But in fact, such a situation may be deemed reasonable. Because the player is not losing your money and the game continues. Moreover, often the casino https://netentcasinoslist.com/best-casino-bonuses offers a bonus for match points. A bonus - it's always cash.

Thus, the goal in blackjack is a collection of 21 points or collection number of points closer to 21 , which is greater than the dealer, but does not exceed 21. And it does not matter what cards will be collected cherished number. For example, you have collected 19 points and your opponent-dealer - 17, it means that you win, because the border in 21 you have not exceeded, but the amount scored more points than your opponent. The picture shows that the player and the dealer could not collect the right combination, but the player is still in the black, because the dealer's cards scored 26 points - but it's overkill. A player's cards close to 21 points, but do not exceed that number. Only on the number 2 player scored 23 and gave the dealer the bet. It turns out that at a rate of $ 1 (a total of five golf rates = $ 5) visitor casino wins $ 8, not even typing a blackjack!

Exactly the same payment would be if the participant would blackjack scored 21 points and the dealer - there is no (or took too much). Payment would be $ 2 anyway, as important in the game - to bypass the dealer. The only exception is when the combination is not collected the sum of two or three or more cards (for example, 3, 3, 5, King = 21 or 7, 4, 21 = King or Queen, 2, 9 = 21), but only two cards: Ace of Spades +. This combination is paid higher than other combinations. Here the payment would be $ 2.5. As you can see in the picture:

Do not forget that to play blackjack better strategy , which increases the chances of winning several times. This simple system will help is mainly in black. Usually, in a game of blackjack at an online casino http://casinopokergratis.com/ , computer tells you whether or not to make a move or gather additionally card. Sometimes newcomers blunder or a player may simply reflect and accidentally access Maps. Therefore, the computer asks a further question as to whether you want to get a card. Thus, trying to warn you that you are now going to make a risky move. This is a very handy feature, so if you play this card game for the first time, then choose a casino that will help during the game. For example, Casino, which besides tips on the screen always displays the total amount of credit card rates and the value of the win or loss.

Enjoy the game!