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Choose only online casino that makes you trust. Search the internet for information about the casino where you want to play, read the reviews, the Internet there is a huge number of ratings - where you can see what is popular casino and honesty that you can not help worrying. Try to communicate with on-line support, see if they have control of the casino honesty. Observe carefully the online casino that you choose, there you will gather useful information, as well as answers to the following questions: about bonuses, about games, about how to deposit, on the withdrawal of funds, etc. Remember that rule - a kind of document and when registering you would like to subscribe to the fact that familiar with it.

Examine strategy games that are planning to play. This will increase your chances of success. Let the winning amount will be small at first, but with experience you will know more and be able to develop their strategies. But foolish not to take advantage of what has already come up to you. Scroll daily limit for playing online casino and if you lose it, you should not be administered in the hope to recoup funds. Enjoy the game, but do not consider online casinos as a way of earning. Casino - it's fun, but if you are lucky and you win, do not worry - it will occur systematically. Rejoice just spent time with pleasure and benefit. 6. Keep your username and password confidential. Use Antivirus license.

Trying to recoup. If you lose, do not try to recoup as a feeling of anger and desire to recover their money can lead to sad result. Follow to the head remained cold. Play in debt. If you lost your daily limit intended for casino or even all the money, do not need to borrow money or take out a loan. Known many cases where people lost cars, apartments, collapsed because of this family. Remember - what you need to play only for their money.

Continue to play after the withdrawal. Many online casinos have a function such as "cancellation of withdrawal." And winning a certain amount, you certainly want to win more. So many first cancel a certain amount of set a withdrawal, lose, then quit again and again until you lose everything. Believe disappointment after winning and losing more than just after a loss. Play casino only in Russian. Many Western casinos do much better and are popular in many countries around the world. Also, if a large casino - it is likely that there's even a Russian-language support and the ability to interface software or website in language.