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Live-casino or casino with live dealers - Now a popular type of game in which the player sees the dealer through the chamber, and all this in real time. Blackjack live, live roulette, baccarat live - with live dealer, in the atmosphere of a real casino, but without leaving your computer? Yes, this is really long. Enough to have a standard speed of the network connection and voila! Now there is a possibility of using the Live-casino. From a technical point of view, the player will not have to do anything - the whole burden rests with the organizers of this type of gambling. Essentially, it is a cross between a real casino and online games.

Accordingly, advantages and disadvantages are also similar and are gathered from these types of gambling. instance, speed is often higher than in the real casino, but lower than a normal game on the internet. Why? Because the player easier to bet that immediately processed by the computer, and the dealer can only perform their basic functions: run live roulette or laid next card and so on. But at the same time, no need to stand in queues, pushing , change money for chips and vice versa. That is dignity online games are always available. Same here with confidence we assign easy deposit / withdrawal of funds - after all this is handled very quickly and in a cashless format.

But the list of casino games Live-severely limited. For example, put the camera in front of a slot machine - rather stupid idea and unnecessary. Also rare live-bingo or bingo, as well as a variety of more or less exotic games like Pai Gow Poker. Create for them Live-version or not profitable or difficult. But baccarat live - fun quite popular, especially among the Asian players. bottom line is that the casino goes into a "live" format not only to advertise their services, but also to make a profit (though not always). For example, live roulette can play hundreds and even thousands of players (depends on the power equipment casino). And all because of the actions of the player does not depend on further actions dealer.