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It is known that the first game of the family Poker marked in Europe, as there are references in the literature for 1526. Currently Poker play five cards, and is an early, poker hands passed three cards, and the game was called «primero» in Spain and Italy and «la prime» - in France. Game included ad rates, and combinations were evaluated: three identical cards, couples, and three cards of the same suit, called a flush ( flush - one suit).

Poker game was brought to America the French colonists that settled in Louisiana territory first, then extended up the Missouri River and across the country. Poker itself was first mentioned in 1829 in his memoirs traveled around America English actor Joe Kauela. In 1834 began to play poker deck of 52 cards. By 1858 include the first mention of these memoirs in the collection of card games, but it referred to as Poker is an old game. Undoubted rapid interest in poker refers to the days of the Civil War, when it played an active soldiers on both warring parties.

In games Bragg, Pohen and Pook was only one round of announcements rates. Showdown - featuring all the players available on the cards for the detection of hands won - happened immediately after the end of this round. Hand Rankings determined by the following sequence: four identical ( High ); houseful - ( full house - the same three and a couple of others), three identical, two pair, one pair, and the lack of a pair ( High Card - senior rank card is taken into account). Of the cards of the same suit Descending ace (high card), king, queen, jack, ten, and so on until the very end, to two. No precedence between the suits did not exist and not exist now.

Later, the rules of poker card combinations added straight type ( Strait ) - some sources - Street - five cards in sequence (ie, sequence denominations) regardless of suit, flash ( flush - same color - five cards of the same suit, regardless of the sequence) and add additional rounds (intervals) for a rate hike. Formed two main forms of the game: - Indoor Poker ( closed ), which distinguishes between a simple ( Strait ), or the replacement of cards Poker ( Draw Poker ) - all cards are dealt face down, face down; - Poker Open ( Open ), or stud poker ( stud ), in which the cards are dealt face down, partially blind (one or two cards), and the rest - one card per round open face up.

Poker in the modern version was first mentioned in 1829 in his memoirs traveled around America English actor Joe Kauela. In 1834 began to play poker deck of 52 cards. At one time, poker was the national card game of the United States. He is now the most common game in the U.S. among card games. Many years of Poker was considered a game for men only, but by the middle of the XX century it also became common and women play. It should be noted that the embodiments and with the replacement of Poker Poker Open classic men were fun.