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And although it was not too much has been written, but it is always an important issue when comparing online casinos and reviews, as well as the choice of casino player - this software. Why? First of all, of course, because the software for the casino - it is the cornerstone. It's kind of a basis which defines all the gameplay and features.

So today, the online casino software developed by more than 150 companies, but the really big and successful manufacturers of several. It is these large manufacturers and determine the market, setting the latest trends and fashion. In addition, they have large networks of online casinos, so can reach a large audience of more countries.

Because of this they have more opportunities, for example, some of them create common progressive jackpots: no matter exactly where you are playing a slot machine, the jackpot is growing thanks to all players of all casino networks that make bets in the same particular slot.

One of the first and the most important issues that faces the players - it's safety, and she, by the way, directly related to the software. We recommend choosing software from well-known manufacturers, because they are guaranteed to produce a secure casino software.

So, if we talk about big software for casinos today - it will be giants like Microgaming, Playtech, Real Time Gaming, and Cryptologic and several others. There are several unique casino with its unique software and unique games. If you want to choose a casino with custom games, pay attention to when it was founded by the casino, as well as by its users, please read reviews.