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3 Reel Slots
Online slot machines are amongst the most popular casino games available, both online casino and offline casino. If you've never tried playing online slot machines both online casino and at a land based casino then you should know that the difference is not so great. Online slot machines mimic the feeling that one gets in a real casino, with a similar look and the same kind of sound effects.
Those who are brand new to slots should start with 3 Reel Slots, then online slot games that are played with three wheels. This is due to the fact that it is easier than other varieties of slots and thus easier to get a handle on. However, do not think that it is boring to play 3 reel slots. There are online slot machines with 3 reels in thousands of different themes so you are guaranteed to find something that you think is really exciting.

These online slot games are all possible themes - animals, fruits, monster food ... whatever your imagination than can come on so there is probably an online slot machine that suits your personal preferences. In most online casinos you can play free online slot machines, so you can test different online slots and determine which one you like most before you start playing for real.

These online slot games with three wheel works exactly the same way as they work on real casinos - digitally using computers and software that use random number generators. How does a random number generator? Well it choose a number at random that is linked to a location on each wheel. In this way, the outcome of each spin completely random every time you spin the reels.

The only difference between online slots and offline slots is the fact that you can play online slot machines from home and that you physically present yourself in front of a slot machine in a real casino, while you just open up a window with your chosen online slot game if you play on online casino.

To make a bet when you play 3 reel slots, you must first insert coins in the slot machine you are playing in a real casino or deposit money into your account if you play at the online casino. Then press "Play" or "Spin". What happens then? Well, the software saves the figures that the random number generator spits out right then and these determine exactly where the wheels will stay.