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5 Reel Slots
Online slots with 5 reels (5 Reel Slots) do not differ too much from online slot machines with 3 wheels (3 Reel Slots). The only difference between these is that the 5 Reel Slots is played with five reels rather than by 3. Which variant of slots is better? That's a matter of personal preference, but the 5 Reel Slots is arguably more advanced.

How do you know when you've won something in the 5 Reel Slots? When the reels stop, you will see if you have managed to meet someone special symbol combination. The advantage of playing at online casinos is that you do not have to look around the screen to find out if you've won. The game will tell you if you have won something.

However, probably the reason why online slots are so amazingly popular the fact that they can play just about anywhere in the world and at any time. The only requirement is that you have an internet connection. It takes even longer to have computer because you can play slots on your mobile!

Five Reel Slots is as I said just like the Three Reel Slots except that they are more advanced. All of the most graphically advanced gaming machines on the network have at least 5 wheels. All video slots are played with five wheels. Personally I think these 5 Reel Slots is much more fun to play than 3 Reel Slots because it's a lot more happening on screen and the games have far more features and better prices.

Five Reel Slots As I have said many more exciting features than Three Reel Slots. In addition, they usually have bigger payouts and bigger jackpots. You can also play with a larger number of lines. In a typical online slot game with 5 reels, you can play with between 5 lines and 25 lines. This means of course a much more varied game experience for the player.

The more lines you play in an online slot machine, the more different symbol combinations you can meet. Make sure you keep an eye on exactly what is happening in the game before you spin the reels and bet real money. It is quite common for players who are new to Five Reel Slots play with only one coin and a line. However, one will probably never win the really big profits by playing this way. If you're looking to win big, you have to playing with more lines and a larger number of coins.

On the net there are several thousands of Five Reel Slots which you can choose from, and each online slot machine with 5 reels have their own features. These features include multipliers, free spins, wild symbols, bonus rounds, more lines and the ability to double profits.