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There is probably no casino games at online casinos that are quite as popular and talked like video slots. These online casino games have made it possible for players to get an experience that is not really possible to mimic in a real casino. Many of these games tell a story with video segments to play, depending on what happens in the game, so that it becomes a bit like a movie or a video game. Unbelievable, huh?

Video slots are sometimes called fruit machines in the UK or video poker in Australia, but we're talking basically about the same thing. In Sweden, these are called also for slot machines because you can put an end to his bankroll after you just played x number of times. However, you should know that you can also get really rich by playing video slots online! Some are linked to the crazy huge jackpots.

Video slots reminds pretty much on the usual slot machines that you can play at real casinos. The only difference is that video slots is played with 5 reels rather than three wheels (as is the case in a real casino). In addition, video slots really advanced graphics and cool sound effects. The experience that one gets by playing video slots online is not really that mimic by playing spelled dispensers with three wheels at a real casino. Slots in real casinos usually only have one line while video slots can have 3, 9, 15 or even 50 lines.

There are some pretty unique features with video slots that are not included in regular slots such multipliers, wild symbols, scatter symbols and bonus games. In some video slots to get to and with the ability to gamble their winnings after every time you have hit a winning symbol combination by, for example, guess what, one face down card is for color. Here, you can double or even quadruple their winnings. All this of course means that you as the player have much more control over the game and that you have more opportunities to win money.

There are two different types of video slots - regular slots and progressive slots. The usual variety of video slots offer players the opportunity to win the predetermined, fixed jackpots and players must meet specific symbol combinations to win these slots jackpots.